Monday, November 24, 2014

Spacing magazine opens retail store in Toronto

Publisher and founder Matt Blackett and
Michael Bulko, director of retail
Dropped in Friday on the public opening of the Spacing magazine retail store in Toronto. It's a very good example of expanding the brand of what is a relatively small circulation magazine (10,000 sales in print in the average issue, 10,000 or so unique visitors online) playing to its strengths as a source about many aspects of urban living. 

The shop is located in the basement at the back end of 401 Richmond Street W. -- with street frontage --  and can be reached either through the main entrance at the northeast corner on Richmond or down a set of stairs at the back of the main floor of 401. 

The stock is largely what readers could find in the longtime online store -- ranging from the ubiquitous subway station buttons and subway token cufflinks to T-shirts, toques and throw pillows and posters. And, of course, you can buy copies of the magazine, both its current issue and back issues. It's an open invitation to browse for the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, if you're in Toronto.

Spacing isn't given to extensive market research, though it did test out the retail idea with a pop-up store in downtown Toronto last year and about 18 months has gone into the planning of this venture. 


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