Thursday, January 08, 2015

Gastown (print) Magazine being unveiled on Saturday in Vancouver

The first-ever print edition of The Gastown Gazette Magazine will get its official unveiling  on Saturday, January 10 7 - 8 p.m at the Alexander Club in downtown Vancouver. (The magazine has been available at various places since mid-December.) Andy Patton, the editor, had this to say about the magazine:
"The Gazette is about accurately describing and chronicling our world in Gastown starting with the people who live here. We may get some things wrong, but we will endeavor to bring the community together at every turn, and drive us toward a brighter common future."
The Gazette has hitherto been an online-only site, since February 2013, keyed to the revival/renaissance of the Gastown neighbourhood.
"Today we look to Gastown to provide a model of urban renewal. One that is equitable, reasonable and just. Now that the third rebuilding of Gastown has begun in earnest – an important dialogue with the whole community must be kept alive."
 The magazine will cost $10 a copy. 

Andy Patton interviewed on The Jill Bennett Show on CKNW AM 980


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