Tuesday, December 08, 2015

KRW awards to be renamed Canadian Business Media Awards; other changes being considered

What has become well-known as the "KRWs" will henceforth be called the "Canadian Business Media Awards, in memory of Kenneth R. Wilson". A message at the head of a survey to stakeholders says that the name change reflects the landscape of Canada's b2b publishers.

In addition to asking stakeholders whether they intend to participate this year (tentative date, June 7), the questionnaire sounds them out about whether they support certain proposed changes and initiatives:

  1. Splitting best cover category in two: best cover; and best in-house cover. (The rationale is that the latter would reward publications that make good covers on a limited budget.) 
  2. Creating new categories:
      • "best media brand" to recognize reader engagement across multiple content platforms.
      • "best e-newsletter", recognizing design, content, editorial strategy and maximizing use of the e-mail medium.
      • "best event", recognizing "general excellence and innovation in the creation and execution of an event that fulfills the publication’s mandate to its audience”?
      • "best use of data" recognizing "visual representation of information, processes or data -- either standalone or enhancements of other content"
      • "best words & pictures" recognizing "successful integration of visuals and text as inseparable elements, including but not limited to photo essays, a series of thematic images and graphic narratives"
      • "best technical content" recognizing “clarity, concision, depth of research and creativity in presenting complex information or ideas to an audience. Entries are not limited to text-based content and may include any and all print and digital formats, including video, static or interactive graphics, data, illustrations and any combination”
  3. Adding blogs to the established category for "best regularly featured department or column"
  4. Rebranding the Harvey Southam Leadership Award to recognize "outstanding career achievement, contributions to the industry and overall leadership of a member of the Canadian b2b media industry".
  5. Including handling or other editors and/or art directors in written or visual awards (currently only writers, illustrators or photographers are named)


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