Thursday, December 03, 2015

The battle continues for space at the checkout

Magazines have for a very long time been a staple of the checkout line at grocery and other stores. The major reason is that they are the most profitable items, ahead of (among many other things) gum and candy. Yet, according to a post by Jerry Lynch of the International Periodical Distributors Association (IPDA) in Publishing Executive  Mars Inc. the owners of Mars bars and Wrigley candy and gum brands are putting on a concerted effort to push magazines out of the space and, of course, take it over themselves.

Research shows that magazines are the most profitable item at the checkout ($1.07 true profit per unit), bring in 5 times the revenue of candy and are 14th in profit among 229 total store categories.
In my view, the Mars push should be taken as a call to action. In response to competitors’ intensifying efforts to secure more retail display space, magazine publishers, NDs and distribution partners should all be intensifying our own efforts to shout our category’s documented strengths from the rooftops.

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