Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Dance Current cultivates emerging young professionals to report on Canadian dance

The Dance Current magazine has taken a mentorship role in developing an emerging generation of dance professionals to carry on conversation about the Canadian dance scene. 

The results of its pilot Student Reporter Project (SRP) are online now, with 10 students taking part nationwide at schools and training institutions visited last fall. Participation in the pilot was purely voluntary and based on written submissions and "reflective engagement". Megan Andrews, the executive director and SRP Mentor/Editor, said
ā€œThe Dance Current is committed to the project of field-building in Canadian dance. We have always been about connecting communities and sharing perspectives. With this project, we aim to share the experiences and views of this emerging generation of dance professionals with the broader dance sector. Iā€™m excited to be working with such enthusiastic students in crafting the expression of their ideas. I hope some of them will become regular contributors to the magazine in future.ā€ 



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