Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Only about 1 in 6 Canadians have
ad blockers installed

Despite dire warnings about ad-blocking software's impact on advertising --publishers' main source of revenue -- a new study from IAB Canada, using comScore data, shows that only one in six Canadians (about 17%) have ad blocking installed on their desktops; and even fewer (6%) have it on their mobile devices. The highest usage of ad blockers (28%) is among millennial males.
"Interestingly, the study revealed that 13% of Canadians that had installed ad blocking software/apps at one point have actually disabled or deleted it from their system,The biggest motivators cited for uninstalling/no longer using ad blocking were the fact that the ad blockers didn’t work properly and that they interfered with site functionality."
The study found that Canadians overwhelmingly prefer free, ad-supported online content versus pay-for-content options. The preference was for less intrusive ad formats with skippable video ads and behaviorally-targeted ads getting the highest scores.

Downloadable study

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give it a bit, we'll get to 100% ad blocking in due time. That said, if ads weren't abysmal, we wouldn't block them.

10:06 am  

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