Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jewish magazine Outlook closed after 52 years

The final issue
The 52-year-old Jewish magazine Outlook has shut down. At one time, the magazine had offices in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Latterly, it was based in Vancouver. 

According to a story in Canadian Jewish News, Outlook grew out of the left-wing United Jewish Peoples Order (UPJO), a Canadian socialist, political, cultural and educational organization founded in 1926. The magazine's readers was made up mostly of members of UJPO; at its peak, the magazine had 2,000 subscribers.
Roz Usiskin, a past president of the Winnipeg branch of UJPO and an UJPO member since 1945, called Outlook’s closure “ a loss for Canadian Jewry. We lost an alternate voice. That voice was so essential, especially at a time when we have such deep divisions in the Jewish community over the Israeli-Palestinian issue.”



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