Tuesday, June 21, 2016

U.S. merger creates a new, combined Magazines and Books at Retail Association

Two important retail magazine associations in the U.S. have decided to merge. The new, combined organization will be known as Magazines and Books at Retail Association (MBR). According to a story in Folio: it combines the Periodical and Book Association of America (PBAA) and the International Periodical Distributors Association (IPDA). The merger was announced at the annual Magazines at Retail conference.

PBAA was initially a not-for-profit organization  whose members consisted of organizations that published and distributed magazines and books on newsstands, both in the U.S. and globally. IPDA was a trade association principally of distributors who focussed on retail sale of magazines and books.

Jay Felts, chairman of the IPDA board, and Will Michalopoulos, chairman of the PBAA board, said in a letter to members of both groups:
“Representing the boards of each organization, it is our promise that the new association will deliver focused, effective programs and services to all members, irrespective of size, and deliver solutions to address today’s industry dynamics in a manner that meets the speed of change. Together, all members of our supply channel will offer a fresh and strengthened voice for the industry—an industry association for our future.” 

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