Tuesday, July 26, 2016

French-language humour mag Safarir has
its last laugh

Final issue, no. 299
A Montreal-based French language humour magazine, Safarir, has ceased after almost 40 years of publishing humorous comic strips, parodies and illustrations. According to a Montreal Gazette story, the reasons for the closure after 299 issues were primarily financial.
The team for the humour magazine said Monday on Facebook that the “grand adventure” had ended, citing the bankruptcy of their distributor last year and large printing costs, coupled with a sharp decline in advertising revenues. 
The team also affirmed that alternatives to the termination of their activities were “envisioned and seriously studied, but did not lead to adequate and concrete solutions.” They said they worked hard over the course of the past two years, to help Safarir thrive, grow and renew itself.
The monthly magazine's name was a play on the words "safari" and "ca fait rire"(it makes you laugh".)



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