Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Custom content company Totem bought from TC Media by Yellow Pages

The custom content company Totem, a division of TC Transcontinental, has been sold to Yellow Pages (the company which last May bought Vancouver and Western Living magazines from TC Media.)

A September 26 memo to TC Media staff said that 18 Totem employees located at 37 Front Street in Toronto would be transferred to Yellow Pages. 
"We believe that the new owner is well-positioned to run this agency and pursue its growth, since Totem is a complementary acquisition to the existing content creation activities of Yellow Pages and its divisions," it said. 
 Totem was at one time Redwood Custom Communications, Canada's largest custom and contract publishing company and was rebranded as Totem Brand Stories (the tagline later quietly retired) in 2010 after the company was became a subsidiary of TC Media in 2008 as part of its intention to expand its marketing communications offerings to clients.  Among its present and recent clients were CAA, Geico, Acura, Sobey's and British Airways. 

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