Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Publishers freed from renewal restrictions as Rogers Magazine Service winds down

A notice making the rounds about the Rogers Magazine Service says that, effective immediately, publishers are no longer required to suppress publisher renewal notices and may now roll subscribers' names into their regular renewal efforts. It is one of the many knock-on effects of the recent announcement that Rogers will be suspending print publishing of some of its magazines and reducing frequency for others. 

The magazine subscription service has been providing continuous and periodical renewals, for 18 years for both Rogers Media titles and other publishers, including Canadian titles including (as examples) British Columbia magazine, Canadian Running, Cottage Life, Garden Making. Outpost, Motorcycle Mojo, Ricardo, Sky News, Up Here and Zoomer, and such U.S. titles as Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, O The Oprah Magazine, Popular Mechanics and so on. Customers have been able to access it online and through bill inserts, among other things. It will continue to sell and renew subscriptions until the end of December, whereupon the service will cease. 

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