Thursday, June 29, 2017

Circulation Management Association of Canada (CMC) merging with Magazines Canada

The Circulation Management Association of Canada (CMC) has merged with Magazines Canada. It is one more step in an ongoing consolidation of magazine industry associations. The merger was approved at the CMC's annual general meeting on Wednesday. 

Formed in 1981 principally to provide training and professional development among circulators, CMC decided to dissolve the association and throw in with the national trade association's mission advocating and serving the whole Canadian industry. (CMC and Mags Canada have a long history of partnering, such as co-presenting Magazine University MagNet, the annual industry conference.)

It follows on a similar merger earlier this year with Canadian Business Media, representing business-to-business publishers. 
Under this agreement, the longstanding partnership between the two organizations will be made permanent. Current CMC members will receive access to Magazines Canada’s professional development events and services, and can elect to join a renewed and empowered Circulation Marketing Advisory Committee which will advise the Board and staff on professional development (including the MagNet conference), awards programs, and research. Additionally, the CMC legacy will continue under Magazines Canada in the form of a maintained brand identity and web archive.
Scott Jamieson, the chair of the Magazines Canada board and director of engagement for Annex Business Media, said 
“This is a great move for the industry: it builds off Magazines Canada’s strong national marketing campaigns and the distribution service that we offer our members. Even more importantly, a merger with the CMC brings the voices and perspectives of important players along the supply-chain to the table—from suppliers and distribution all the way to retail—it makes a lot of sense for us to be working together.”
Amanda Beattie, President of the CMC  and Audience Marketing Manager for AZURE Magazine, said.
 “The CMC and Magazines Canada have worked together for many years in supporting the magazine marketing industry. This merger secures our ability to support the circulation industry at a national level for the years to come. Closer cooperation and one collective voice means a stronger, brighter future for magazine marketing professionals, and I look forward to working together.”
[It was back in February 2005, when this blog started, that I  wrote what now looks almost prescient, "One magazine organization" calling for the gathering together of disparate industry associations, speaking with one voice on behalf of magazines.]



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