Tuesday, October 03, 2017

C. J. Graphics acquires printing, pre-press and bindery firm Annan & Sons

C. J. Graphics has acquired Annan & Sons, a well-known printing, pre-press and bindery trade shop. With the merger, many of the Annan staff and management -- including Paul and John Annan -- are joining C.J. Graphics at the end of October.
Jay Mandarino, president and CEO of C.J. Graphics, said
"The Annans are some of the most ethical, honest and hard-working people in our industry. Over 30 years ago when I started as a print broker, I had the privilege of working with their father and company founder Don Annan, and I was fortunate to get to know the family and their incredible staff. Don was one of the first people to extend me credit to purchase printing from his company, and I will never forget that. Their company has been known as one of the first true trade shops, with a focus on high quality, in the country. Several years ago, the company began to expand and focus their energy into dealing directly with clients. This meant less and less trade work, making the merger very appealing due to the lack of crossover between accounts.”
Earlier this year, the C.J. Group of companies sold three existing buildings in Toronto and consolidated in a 260,000 square foot facility in Mississauga  and added mailing service as well as a new large-format litho press and a new digital press. The whole move involves an investment of $25 million.

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