Thursday, October 12, 2017

Quote, unquote: On not trusting Facebook & Google

[Jason Calacanis, an Internet entrepreneur] contends that Google and Facebook are destroying media companies in a systematic way. Print advertising, he points out, has declined to levels not seen since 1975. Digital advertising spend is dominated by Facebook and Google. “Facebook & Google don’t care about us, our industry, or this cow,” he said in one slide. “Don’t trust them!” Instead, the future of media is in direct relationships with audiences, centered around five principles:
  • Keep costs low.
  • Be absurdly focused.
  • Challenge your audience to pay.
  • Don’t trust intermediaries, bypass them.
  • Stop giving free content to Google, Facebook and Snapchat
-- from column by Tony Silber, reviewing some of the presentations from the C-Summit, including the closing keynote. 



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