Monday, February 05, 2018

Leadership of Newsweek shown the door

Wow. Just wow. 
The top 2 editors at Newsweek and two senior writers have been fired, according to BuzzFeed's Craig Silverman. 
Bob Roe, the editor in chief, and Kenneth Li, the executive editor, were both let go today, along with senior politics writer Celeste Katz and senior writer Josh Saul. 
Sources also tell BuzzFeed News that staff in the magazine's New York office are withholding work until they get more information from company executives. 
This follows a recent raid in the New York offices of parent company Newsweek Media Group by the Manhattan District Attorney; BuzzFeed News revealing that a top editor, Dayan Candappa, was fired from a previous job over sexual harassment allegations; and that sister publication the International Business Times has been engaging in ad fraud.


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