Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A dollar-a-year man

The former President and owner of CB Media and publisher of Canadian Business, the Honourable Roy MacLaren, PC, has been appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a Commissioner of the Public Appointments Commission. MacLaren, a former MP, diplomat and businessman, was one of three commissioners appointed.

“Establishing the Public Appointments Commission is an important step toward a more open, honest and accountable government for Canadians,” said the Prime Minister. “The Commissioners will ensure our appointments system is based on merit and is done in an open and transparent way. And, they have agreed to work for a salary of $1 a year.”

MacLaren spent twelve years with the Canadian diplomatic service, in Hanoi, Saigon, Prague and the United Nations in New York and Geneva. Subsequently in the business world he was President of Ogilvy Mather (Canada) before buying and being publisher of Canadian Business. (CB was eventually sold to Rogers Publishing.) Elected Member of Parliament for Etobicoke North in 1979, he served as Minister of State (Finance) in 1983 and Minister of National Revenue in 1984. After a few years in opposition, he was appointed Minister for International Trade in 1993. He was High Commissioner for Canada to Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1996 to 2000.


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How quickly things change.


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