Friday, May 19, 2006

She's an off roader on the cusp of being an experiential with indulger tendencies

Traditional Home magazine has published its latest psychographic breakdown of the all-consuming affluent American female population, beloved bedrock of women's service and shelter publishing, according to an online item published by Media Post. Traditional Home, is owned by the Meredith Corporation (Better Homes and Gardens), which partnered with trend-tracking firm Nickles and Ashcraft to study 700 women ages 20-55 with household incomes over $75,000 a year.

It can be fleetingly amusing to see where you, your spouse, or your friends fit (or aspire to fit).
  • Indulgers -- 23 per cent of the affluent female population--are ideal marketing targets for luxury travel, credit cards, expensive cars, and high-end credit cards.

  • Standouts (21 per cent), seek to distinguish themselves with jewelry, makeup, fashionable clothes, lingerie, and fragrances.

  • Off Roaders (18 per cent) are interested in things like nutrition and health products, ecologically sound products, motor scooters, and niche tableware and lighting.

  • Reinventors (18 per cent), tend to be more mobile and interested in personal transformation--looking to categories like financial services, paint and wallpaper, retail, and moving and storage.

  • Nesters (10 per cent) place the highest value on "traditional" priorities like home and family, making them candidates for home entertainment, college tutoring for their children, real estate, insurance, and pet supplies.

  • Experientials (10 per cent) seek out technology, education, online gifts, resorts and travel, and entertainment.


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