Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Toronto Life ending summer fiction issue

After 10 years, Toronto Life is discontinuing its summer fiction issue. John Macfarlane, the editor, makes this known in his editor's column in the August issue:
"A city magazine should do more than make its readers happier consumers. It should also add to their knowledge and understanding of their city. We had hoped that some of our summer fiction would—as Michael Ondaatje’s 1987 novel In the Skin of a Lion did— help us discover, or rediscover, how it is with Torontonians. Sometimes it did, but much of it, set in places like Delhi, Croatia and Los Angeles, might have prompted more than one reader to ask, “If it isn’t about Toronto or written by a Toronto writer, what’s it doing in Toronto Life?”

"I wish I could say that in publishing such stories we were creating an appetite for fiction. But, while I’m certain they found an appreciative audience, there’s no evidence it was growing. So with regret—it’s been a labour of love—we’ve decided to make this, the 10th summer fiction issue, our last."
This year's issue contains stories by Margaret Atwood, Joan Barfoot, Denise Ryan and Shyam Selvadurai.


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