Friday, February 02, 2007

Freelancer's union getting organized

The Canadian Freelance Union (CFU), launched with ambitious hopes and minimal fanfare a year and a half ago, has now signed up about 350 people and is hoping to launch a newsletter and hold an inaugural convention this spring or summer. (See earlier posts here and here.) This, according to a note published on the Toronto Freelancers and Editors list from Michael O'Reilly, the president.
Along with the basic logistics of creating some structure for this thing I have also been working hard with a number of members to fight this new Quebecor (Sun Media) freelance contract. We are building a collective response to it, and trying to get Quebecor to the negotiating table. I hope to unveil a campaign (with funding!) so we can fight this thing.

We have also been working on ways to start delivering real services to members. This will include a dispute mechanism to help members deal with contract problems, and a series of benefits options (health, dental, disability).

The CFU has also been working with other groups to create an effective Status of the Artist legislation in Ontario.

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