Thursday, December 13, 2007

389 new magazines launched
in the U.S. in 2007

In 2007, 389 new magazines were launched in the U.S., according to online directory publisher Regional magazines topped the list (42 new titles) with such titles as Miami, Edible Jersey and Garden & Gun, according to a press release. Luxury was the next largest category with 36 new magazines, cutting across many different subject classifications.

There were 24 new business magazines such as St. Louis CEO and Conde Nast Portfolio.

Lifestyle, home and interior design, and ethnic magazine categories had 16 new magazines such as Lofts, Lodges, Zeba (Afghan) and Jewish Living.

"Regional publications are doing well because they target a local, often upscale audience interested in local news, people, and events. They enable advertisers to target that audience as well," said Trish Hagood, President of Oxbridge Communications, publishers of "A large percentage of regional magazines are targeted to the luxury market, making them especially attractive to readers and advertisers alike. Of the 538 luxury magazines listed in, 205 publications are regional.", a media property of Oxbridge Communications© is the largest online database of U.S. and Canadian periodicals, with information on more than 70,000 magazines, journals, newspapers, newsletters, directories, and catalogs.

By the way, Samir Husni, the University of Missouri professor known as "Mr. Magazine", counted 636 launches in 2007; he counts any magazine for which a physical copy has been received, whether or not a second issue comes out. MediaFinder counts only multiple issue launches. Both sources agree there were fewer launches than last year (MediaFinder says 498, Husni says 842, for 2006).



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