Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Maryam Sanati named editor-in-chief
of Chatelaine

Maryam Sanati has been named editor-in-chief of Chatelaine, promoted from deputy editor, a job in which she piloted the magazine through some considerable turmoil, including before and after the sudden departure of editor Sara Angel after only13-months on the job

Sanati will be responsible for launching a much-postponed redesign and presiding over the 80th anniversary celebrations of the magazine.

Sanati joined Chatelaine from the Globe and Mail and before that worked at the late Shift magazine and for ROB magazine. She started as an intern at Toronto Life.

David Hayes, who recently wrote a Toronto Life feature on the turmoil at Chatelaine, posted an item on the Toronto Freelance Editors and Writers listserv saying that he thought it was a canny appointment.
Maryam is a real pro, smart, wonderful to work with, sympathetic to freelancers. This is good news for freelance writers (as well as members of Chatelaine’s staff).
Here is a longer press release.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"She has an intuitive understanding of what today's Canadian women
want from their Chatelaine."

But does she? It is under this reader's assessment, a liberal, politically correct read.

4:42 am  

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