Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two Rogers books to pitch virtues of magazines to specialty retailers

Two Roger Publishing trade magazines, Canadian Grocer and Pharmacy Post, are to run a special advertising section in May that promotes magazines. The intention is get the benefits of magazines as a product in front of the people who run the newsstands and racks in grocery and drug stores.

Content will highlight the benefits of magazine merchandising, the ways magazines can create higher margins and increased traffic and various pieces of data about magazine sales, including benchmarks for dollar sales per store, general trends and a list of the top 50 magazines by sales.

Canadian Grocer, one of Canada's oldest magazines (122 years) has a request circulation of 15,000.
Pharmacy Post reaches 14,000 pharmacists/owners/managers, and 2,000 merchandisers, frontshop managers and buyers.

Advertising close is April 17.



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