Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MagsCan urges members to blitz MPs and Canada Post about distance-based pricing

In a bulletin to its members, Magazines Canada is urging publishers to blitz their MPs and Canada Post, objecting to expected proposals to implement "distance related pricing" and increase rates by as much a 8% in 2009. The actual rate increases won't be known until released by Canada Post in July, but MagsCan is not waiting.

Its position is that this is a revenue grab, that far from being revenue neutral, rates for "local" delivery won't go down while rates for "regional" and "national" will go up significantly. Also, that distance-related pricing runs counter to Canada's cultural policy and denies many Canadians equal access to Canadian publications.
In recent weeks, our public affairs team, composed of industry leaders and senior staff, has met with many officials: MPs from many regions; Canadian Heritage officials; senior policy advisors to a number of key Cabinet Ministers and senior executives at Canada Post. In addition, Magazines Canada is working with our regional association partners to ensure that the message goes to Ottawa from sea to sea to sea. The association is preparing a submission to the Canada Post review panel.
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