Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Unlimited green: business mag targets the eco-conscious young entrepreneur

Unlimited, the Edmonton-based business and lifestyle magazine for younger entrepreneurs and professionals has released its first-ever Green Issue. It contains profiles of a range of young professionals who are creating more sustainable workplaces and businesses. Readers can go to unlimitedmagazine.com, to share their own workplace eco-initiatives.

"This entire issue is really about changing the way we look at things and the way we do things," says Dan Rubinstein, editor of Unlimited. "From asking the boss to purchase carbon offsets to leveraging your passion for the environment and going down a whole new career path, everybody featured in this issue is facing the challenge of changing how they work or what their work produces, in a manner that considers both the environmental and economic impacts."

Unlimited this year won a National Magazine Award for best art direction and a Western Magazine Award for best new magazine. The July/August issue is available now on newsstands across Canada and full articles can be found online @ unlimitedmagazine.com


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