Friday, September 26, 2008

Rogers's Pharmacy Post relaunched as
Drugstore Canada

Pharmacy Post, a 15-year-old Rogers Publishing business-to-business title, is being completely renovated,with a new name, a new size (from tab down to standard magazine) and a new look, according to an item posted on Mastheadonline.

It will now be called Drugstore Canada and its new look and editorial structure will reflect changes in modern pharmacies which often seem more like cosmetic boutiques and variety stores than pill-pushers.
The monthly magazine is now divided into four sections: “Self Care and Wellness,” “Health and Beauty” “Mind Your Business” and “Frontshop Focus.” There’s more in-depth analysis of issues and “more info on how to grow business,” publisher Jackie Quemby says. The switch to standard format was made because readers said they’d be more likely to hold on to a normal-sized magazine rather than a tabloid, [editor Vicki] Wood says.
The magazine goes to about 165,000 readers. The new-look September issue is 84 pages.

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