Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Circulation Management to become Audience Development

Circulation Management magazine, considered something of a bible for circulators and publishers, is changing its name to Audience Development effective with the November issue. According to a post from trade journalism blogger Paul Conley, the name change reflects changes in the industry.
I applaud the move. There can be no doubt that the jobs and tasks of what we once called the circulation department have morphed into something more complex, more challenging and more exciting in today's multi-platform world.
Conley raises the interesting question whether sister publication Folio: (both are published by Red 7 Media) might also change its name, given that it is a word so closely tied with print.

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Blogger Jon Spencer said...

Ugh. That term could mean anything. Bums in chairs at cinemas, concerts and sporting events. Television viewing. Attracting passersby to your soapbox pontifications.

And to think I previously believed that "Consumer Marketing" was a stupid term. This takes the bickie.

It isn't April Fool's today, is it?

8:13 pm  

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