Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keeping the good thought; interns talk about the future

Stacey May Fowles, the circ and marketing director at The Walrus and publisher of Shameless magazine, was wondering how Walrus interns thought about the scary, pessimistic and generally uncertain tone these days; so she asked them and posted their comments on her blog on Masthead. For instance when they were asked if they were optimistic about the future:
Ashton Osmak: Oddly, yes. There was a poster in a gallery on West Queen West about a month ago that effectively articulated my new mantra: "Good things happen to those who hustle". Amen.

Alina Seagal: Yes, very much so. But maybe I am just a young, naive intern, full of romantic misconceptions about the nature of journalism.

Katie Addleman: Hell yes! Obama is president, I have somewhere to live and it's almost spring. Everything's gonna be fiiiiine.

Kasey Coholan: Obviously. The challenge is getting everyone else to be optimistic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kasey: I didn't come into the industry because I wanted to make money, I came into it wanting to contribute to our collective moment of ideas and to have my name on a byline so I could send it to my Grandma.

Katie: As for strategies, I think about going back to school (riding it out) and getting qualified to teach something English-related (education careers are a pretty safe bet).

11:36 am  

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