Monday, November 16, 2009

Showing what print can do

Inspired by a magazine that published briefly almost 60 years ago, a first-time editor and publisher has launched a lavish print magazine called Vintage Magazine. According to a story in Folio:, Ivy Baer Sherman is celebrating "classic culture and the pleasures of print" with the privately financed, twice-yearly publication.
The premiere issue covers art, music, fashion, food and travel and features pages cut to resemble album covers, a flipbook-style pictorial history of hairstyles through the years and fold-out photos and mixes fonts, textures, photos and illustrations. Its inspiration is the magazine Flair that was published in 1950-51.

The first issue of Vintage has no advertising and a single copy costs $20 (a two-issue sub costs $32, a two-year, four issue sub $60).
Why did Sherman produce such an extravagant print product when the print magazine industry is in such a state of turmoil? “My tendency is to step toward a problem in order to assess and assist,” Sherman said. “In the case of print magazines, I find this a particularly exciting time; all eyes are focused on the medium. What better time to make a statement? It is time to show what print can do.”


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