Saturday, March 27, 2010

Starweek magazine requires subscribers to pay 50 cents a week

Changing times are evident in the redesign and re-launch of television magazine Starweek in the Toronto Star. Henceforth, subscribers have to opt in for the TV guide and agree to be billed 50 cents a week for it (about $26 a year), in addition to the normal subscription cost of the paper. 

Newspaper box and other single copies (which already cost more than home delivery) will continue to include the guide. 

As part of sweetening the offer to subscribers as it  moves to request, separate paid circulation, Starweek has been beefed up with expanded listings and features. It has had a measured circulation of 610,000 and readership of 859,000 (1.4 readers per copy) according to fall 2009 data from the Print Measurement Bureau.  It is not known how many readers will opt to receive it.

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