Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Up Here magazine uses swimsuit models to provoke discussion of climate change

Up Here magazine, the national magazine of the year for 2009, has released it first "swimsuit" edition,with the goal of fostering discussions about climate change in the Arctic. A story on quotes editor Aaron Spitzer saying that the issue's purpose is to show how global warming is affecting the environment and people north of 60.
The latest edition of the magazine, which came out this week, features 10 swimsuit-clad women posing in threatened northern landscapes, from melting icescapes to burnt-out forests.
There was some criticism, questioning whether this was the best way to spark conversation about climate change and, in particular, restricting the shots to women.
Spitzer said Up Here wanted to make reference to Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit edition, which has been popular around the world for decades.
"We liked the idea of … taking this sort of stereotypical 'swimsuit issue' concept that Sports Illustrated has made sort of legendary, and putting a total Arctic twist on it. And they don't put guys in their swimsuit issues," he said.
Northern model Charlotte Overvold said she believes the photographs were tastefully shot. As well, she said she wanted to take part, given the issue being discussed.
"For me personally, animals, and the hunting and stuff like that, it's, like, greatly affected. So I felt very strong in being a part of this," she said.
Spitzer said while the latest issue may shock some people, he hopes it will get everyone talking about the bigger issue of climate change.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is clever, though it would be more powerful if a "southern" magazine did it. The people "up there" know climate change is a reality. My friend's parents (long time Yellowknifers) have earthworms in their garden for the first time ever. That's climate change. Down here in Southern Candada, we get a cold day in June and everyone cries "so much for climate change". Good for Up Here for trying to bring attention to the topic.

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