Monday, August 23, 2010

Maclean's article digs down into the "flim-flam" surrounding Vancouver's safe injection site

A really very thorough report by John Geddes in Maclean's magazine (highlighted by columnist Paul Wells) demonstrates the depth of corruption and intrigue that has afflicted Canada's national policy force (and the federal Conservative government) when it comes to Vancouver's Insite safe injection site.
As Wells puts it:
"What’s at stake is not a simple matter of opinion about whether injection sites are a good idea. It is (1) an exhaustively-documented attempt by elements in Canada’s national police force to create a bogus “academic” argument against Insite. Then (2) an attempt by senior RCMP officers to reverse course and atone for that burst of academic vandalism. And finally, (3) a decision from the RCMP’s highest echelons — or from someone in government outside the RCMP — to stifle the belated atonement, instead letting the sham record stand. The first part of that story has been told before. The rest is new, and devastating."



Blogger Paul Wells said...

Sincere thanks for the shout-out. The real work, as you point out, is Geddes', so thanks on his behalf.

11:44 am  

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