Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to publishing: Sarah Thomson gives up her hopeless bid to become mayor of Toronto

Despite her own determination and a strong campaign team, in the face of mounting debts and tepid poll results , Women's Post publisher Sarah Thomson has thrown in the towel on her bid for the Toronto mayoralty; giving her support to George Smitherman in an effort to defeat front-running Rob Ford.
According to an online story in The Globe and Mail, her campaign manager George Tory called Bruce Davis, Smitherman's campaign manager Monday night to say that they would be backing his candidate.
“We saw that poll, combined with all the other polls and we had run out of money a couple of months ago,” she said in an interview with The Globe and Mail Tuesday. “It was at the point where everyone else was coming on strong with advertising and we realized we had to do what is right for Toronto.”
The result of a Nanos Research poll last week showed Ford with a 24-point lead over Smitherman.
“That’s the moment when I realized, look I’ve got to show Toronto what Rob Ford is like,” she said. “I had been sticking on message just talking about myself but I really realized I had to make sure people understood what he was all about.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If she publishes such a train-wreck of a magazine then we can only be thankful she has no hand in our city.

11:18 am  
Anonymous Michael said...

Hey Anonymous...are you a publisher? Do you own and run a magazine? Put your money where your mouth is and let's see how you stack up.

11:45 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Michael. What a fine argument you make! I'll just have to remember to never criticize Stephen Harper until I myself have first headed the National Citizens Coalition, the Conservative Party of Canada, and, indeed, been Prime Minister. Then, I'll have earned my right to be heard. And you're a publisher, eh? What a sad state of affairs.

Anon #2

1:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps she has given up (for the time being, at least) a bid for public office because so few people spell her name correctly. Not only the hard-working producer of this blog, by the way, but also editors at the major newspapers, etc....

1:40 pm  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

Touche. Thomson it is.

2:56 pm  

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