Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quote, unquote: Rob Ford: round, firm and fully packed for cartoon action

"Cartoonists generally love shortcuts. A Mulroney chin, a Reagan hairdo, these things are gold for quick identification. [Rob] Ford has kind of a, um, jolly ... Rubenesque ... kind of, uh, pleasantly round ... He's fat, okay? He's fat and that's easy to draw. I don't want to lose my job, but really, if my job is to draw a fat guy, I'm going to make him fat. [David] Miller had big hair, a bit of a death-face and bad teeth, so that's what you play up. Ford is plump, reddish, with weird brow folds and strange little teeth. It's not a political statement to draw him that way, it's a cartoonist's statement. If Smitherman won I would have gladly drawn that weird bullet-head (like one of those Mario video game bullets) with those little beady eyes that have forgotten how to smile."
-- National Post cartoonist Steve Murray, telling J-Source what excites him about drawing the mayor-elect of Toronto. 



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"little beady eyes that have forgotten how to smile"
That's the first thing I've smiled about all day...

6:42 pm  

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