Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great books can -- and often do -- grow from great magazine articles

Allan Casey (Canadian Press)
Many a great Canadian book gets its start, or its impetus, from being first published in a magazine.
Allan Casey of Saskatoon, took the non-fiction prize in the Governor General's Literary Awards for his first full-length book Lakeland: Journeys into the Soul of Canada (Greystone Books).
Two of the chapters originated as articles published by Canadian Geographic magazine in 2008 and 2006. (Casey has three times been a National Magazine Award finalist for work in Canadian Geographic and once in Western Living magazine.)
Casey continues his frequent contributions to the magazine, with a feature in the October issue on the threat to the South Saskatchewan river from climate change and water demand.

Interviewed by the CBC, Casey said that on his tour of lakes large and small, remote or otherwise he found that access to nature was rapidly becoming the preserve of the wealthy, with access tightly controlled.
"I take a strong position that what we're doing is excessive. Excessive materiality is out of place if our purpose is to enjoy the wilderness. Make no mistake, we need to do this. Human beings have a deep need to [be in nature]," he said.

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