Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kids' title The Magazine celebrates 10 years

The Magazine, a Toronto-based title for young people 8 to 14 is celebrating its 10th anniversary that has seen it grow from 2,000 paid subscribers to over 20,000. According to a company release, the magazine's content is mostly reader-written or by co-op students working in a placement at the magazine.
"It's a win-win for everyone: readers appreciate relevant content written by their peers, and our co-op students get a taste of the exciting world of journalism," says Ed Conroy, Publisher,The Magazine.
The reason that the magazine's print subs have grown, says editor Karen Wong:
"You can't cut out stuff from the Internet or iPads and put it on your wall or locker. Our style is very visual and not so much based on breaking news, so we complement the Internet nicely.""
The magazine apparently has a television show in development and it will be putting out a special Santa Claus parade cover and games insert in its November edition, 50,000 copies of which will be handed out in goody bags during the November 21 parade in Toronto. The magazine's regular cover price is $4.75.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos to the magazine called THE Magazine! These guys stoke the heck out of their readers...I know this because my 4 kids fight over the mag when it arrives

9:20 am  

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