Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maclean's launches iPad digital edition

Maclean's magazine is now available as a digital app on Apple's iPad. The first of the issues is the Newsmakers 2010 issue. While the app can be dowloaded for free from iTunes, each issue dowloaded is priced at $2.99. The inaugural issue contains all of the content of the magazine, plus some things that take advantage of the technology:
  • an animated video cover
  • a video of Justin Bieber performing live
  • a video montage of newsmakers who passed away in 2010
  • Ability to share articles via Twitter, Facebook, and email
  • Viewing the entire issue page-by-page or jumping directly to departments or columnists
  • a live letter feed and author blogs
"Maclean's is dedicated to bringing readers relevant and thought-provoking content on today's latest technology," says Maclean's publisher and editor-in-chief Ken Whyte. "With the new Maclean's App for iPad, our readers can now enjoy everything they love about Maclean's from the convenience of iPad."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I looked at the new digital edition and it blew us away. There is nothing like this.
Who built this App for you guys? Did you do it in-house or did you use some digital App folks?
I guess you will start to save a fortune on printing costs and distribution....but where are the advertisements? When I look at some of the neat ways the pictures seem to be presented - it almost looks like 3D. I keep expecting to see an automobile ad with a car speeding off the page.
Anyway, congratulations Maclean's and Rogers and to the team whomever they are that built it. I would like to see a Yachting Magazine done this way ..... My passion!
Richie from BC

3:45 pm  

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