Friday, December 17, 2010

Toronto City Council censures Maclean's's
"Too Asian?" article

Toronto City Council last night voted 30-11 to ask Maclean's magazine to "apologize unreservedly" for an article published last month with its "Too Asian?" headline (later amended online). The thrust of the article was to question whether the preponderance of Asian students at the University of Toronto was turning away other students.
The Toronto vote is the most recent such censure motion to be passed by municipalities with large Asian populations: Victoria was the first, Vancouver passed a similar motion a week ago. 
The motions are more than pro forma; in fact, it seems that Maclean's may be happy with the kerfuffle, which keeps its brand in the public eye on a daily basis.

The magazine essentially acknowledged that the headline was over the top by its decision to amend it, though it pointed out that it was a direct quote from an authoritative source.
"Although the phrase “Too Asian?” was a question and, again, a quotation from an authoritative source, it upset many people. We expected that it would be provocative, but we did not intend to cause offence."
But pursuing such provocative topics is a commonplace for Maclean's these days. By its vote last night, Toronto City Council won't be changing that strategy anytime soon and may encourage it.



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Soooo tired of Whyte and his predictably "contrarian" minions. Learn another dance step, Kenny.

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