Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Daily, the iPad newspaper from Rupert Murdoch's News Group, is launched

Rupert Murdoch's iPad daily newspaper The Daily has now been launched. You can download it for free, but to keep on getting it, you'll have to pay $39 a year, 99 cents a week or (as Murdoch likes to say) 14 cents a day.
In its inaugural editorial, the paper says 
New times demand new journalism. Modern technology has given us more ways to tell stories than ever before — words, pictures, audio, video and interactive graphics. The Daily will deliver them all.

These amazing times also demand new ideas, and The Daily will deliver those too.

We live at a moment of unprecedented social and technological transformation, of political tension in the United States and upheaval abroad. These times call for arguments that push beyond calcified partisanship and the political battles of yesteryear. We need new voices that inform, entertain and provoke.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You talk a lot about iPads on here but do you actually own one? The Daily isn't available in Canada yet.
(at the very least, you could click on the sites you're linking to and find this out).

Also, it's $39/year not $39/week.

3:27 pm  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

My mistake. I knew it was a year. Its unavailability, for now, in Canada doesn't change the impact that this platform is having or may have on magazines. If you're not interested, just skip those posts. And, no, I don't own one -- or any stock in Apple, for that matter.

4:26 pm  
Anonymous Chris Taus said...

Some of the features suggested by Erick are really important to make things work. In todays world there definitely is value in a good discovery solution cause it can save a lot of time. I'd pay for a service that filters the good stuff from the bad stuff even if it's basically free web content.

8:35 pm  
Anonymous trains o scale said...

a lot of people like things organized for them, instead of them figuring out how to find and organize it themselves. some people will pay for that organization and polish. that being said, I don't think there is enough people to support the production costs of this new iPad ezine, however, I might be wrong.

7:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, you came off as pretty hard on poor Mr. Scott...the man is only trying to spread the news...

I own an iPad...maybe Mr. Scott owns one or maybe he doesn't...but give the man a break here.

The truth is that flipboard is the right technology for iPad...simple, connected and relevent. I predict more apps like that...and best of all, they are free...well, for now at least.

As for Rupert Murdoch, I hope that this venture sucks a ton of money from his empire...just like Myspace.

9:02 am  

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