Friday, February 04, 2011

Elle Canada's new beauty editor pulled by the "dark but well-dressed side"

Vanessa Craft  has been named the new beauty editor at Elle Canada magazine effective March 1; it's a short move, since she is at present the beauty editor of sister title Transcontinental Media title More.
Craft has written and produced for various media outlets in Canada including Elle Canada, Fashion and the Globe and Mail and previously in the UK, for The Sunday Times (where she started as an intern), the BBC and Channel She continues to work both sides of the Atlantic; according to her bio on her website, she is the founder and editorial director of the sports gossip website, which won Cosmopolitan UK's best celebrity blog 2010 award:
Pop culture is Vanessa’s first love [says the bio], but alas, the pull to fashion, beauty and luxury travel soon wooed her back to the dark but well-dressed side, where she now resides quite happily surrounded by designer loveliness and beauty products that promise to anti her age.
Craft has also written a novel, Out of Character "an unconventional, sexy and edgy coming-of-age story set in London’s upper class mansions and exclusive gentlemen’s clubs," again, according to her website, which posts a trailer for the book.



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