Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Toronto online magazine Queeries designed for gay women

Seven years ago, the magazine Siren for and about lesbian and bisexual women folded. It had been an eight year struggle financially, according to a post on Now a successor called Queeries is being launched online by Xtra's publisher Pink Triangle Press. Publishing editor Suzy Malik says there's a real hunger for it.
“For years I was asked, ‘When is someone going to make a fab for women?’ I was with them. I wanted that to happen. Then I realized, I’ll just have to make it myself,” Malik says. (Fab is a magazine for gay men.)
Queeries will be online, although there may be some print components later, perhaps in collaboration with Xtra or other queer publications.Starting off focussed on Toronto, there is hope that Queeries will connect with hubs across the country.
“We’re going for a lifestyle magazine approach,” [Malik] says. It won’t be hard news. Queeries will cover health, fitness, arts, travelling, nightlife and trends.



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