Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Printing paper consumption down one- third
since 2000

North American consumption of printing paper has dropped by more than 33% since 2000, according to Andre Bernier, chairman of the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada. In a story carried by the Montreal Gazette and other Postmedia papers, Bernier said in an interview at the PAPTAC conference that last year the industry sold 32 million tonnes, compared with 48 million 10 year ago.
"That jolting statistic covers all graphic products, from newsprint to coated and magazine papers and book grades, and the industry knows it must adapt swiftly," said Bernier, a former CEO of Quebec pulp producer SFK Pulp (now Fibrek Inc.) and now a productivity expert with Catalyst Paper Corp. in Vancouver....
"The industry is breaking out from its conservative past and is fully aware of how the iPad and other tablets and electronic wonders are stealing millions of readers away from newspapers, magazines and books," he said. "The tide can only be stemmed by developing new products from the basic cellulose pulp, for instance."
He said that the prices have firmed since the recession and there is still a window of opportunity, but the industry's challenge is being cost-competitive and developing new products.



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