Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scott Shortliffe leaves as Heritage director of magazines policy and programs

Scott Shortliffe, a fair-minded friend to Canadian magazines inside Canadian Heritage, is leaving his post as director of periodical publishing and programs to accept a promotion dealing with broadcasting and digital media in the same ministry. He will be deputy director general, broadcasting and digital communication, effective March 21. He has been working on the magazines files since June 2006.
Shortliffe, who comes from a civil service family, joined Canadian Heritage in 1994 and has had positions in the Canadian audio-visual certification office (CAVCO), the Canadian studies and youth program and, most recently, periodical policies and programs, with responsibility for the Canada periodicals fund (CPF) and its predecessor, the Canadian magazine fund.
Succeeding him is Ramzi Saad who has been heading the strategic policy and management team at Heritage secretariat federal secretariat, with trade and investment branch and other government departments, including Health Canada.
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