Thursday, April 07, 2011

Toronto Standard launches tonight

Tonight is the launch of the Toronto Standard, a "daily digital briefing", based in Toronto but with a global outlook. Its flag is a revival of a shortlived publication that came out from1848 to 1850. 
The editorial director of the venture (what do we call it? paper? magazine? website? blog?) is Christopher Frey who told Masthead:
“The Standard will primarily be a website0. “It will also be tablet-ready, smartphone-ready, and tailored dynamically to a wide selection of platforms.”
 Frey is a two-time gold medal winner at the National Magazine Awards and a contributor to The Walrus. He was a co-founder and editor of Outpost magazine.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to ask, what exactly is the void that this new pub is trying to fill?

There's no indication on their site about why they decided to start this venture, or to re-birth a one-time city paper. Which leaves me wondering "why" and "do I really have to start reading yet another site"?

It's a gorgeous site, truly, I just don't understand the point.

Toronto Star
Toronto Life
Eye Weekly
Now Magazine
Open File

Am I missing any??

9:16 pm  
Anonymous Alison Garwood-Jones said...

What's the point?

The writing is good. That's enough for me.

2:01 pm  

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