Thursday, April 21, 2011

TVA Publications adopts eco-paper policy

The largest magazine publisher in Quebec, TVA Publications (a subsidiary of Quebecor) has announced concurrent with Earth Day that it is adopting an eco-paper policy. As a first step, according to a press release from Canopy, the campaigners for sustainable forest management and green publishing, TVA has switched 90% of its 52 magazines -- such as Clin D'Oeil and Tout Simplement Clodine -- to FSC-certified paper.
The change means that Canada's four major consumer magazine conglomerates have environmentally friendly paper policies in place, with a preference for FSC and recycled content, not fibre sourced from endangered or ancient forests.
“TVA Publications is excited to contribute to the conservation of our forests. Places like Quebec’s Boreal forests belong to future generations, making it imperative that we work with our suppliers to ensure the industry continue to strive towards more sustainable forest practices and conservation,” said Chrystal Healy, manager of environmental affairs at Quebecor.
“This is the result of both the publisher, printer and paper producers working together to reduce their impact on endangered forests such as the Boreal. I hope TVA Publications example will further inspire supply chain shifts throughout the North American magazine publishing industry,” observes Neva Murtha, magazine campaigner with Canopy.
The announcement complements another  one recently by Canopy, which published its Printer Leadership List of leading North American green printers who have gone beyond paper policies and become active in forest conservation and the development of eco-paper. 

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