Monday, April 18, 2011

Up Here magazine's North Poll exposes southern Canadians' ignorance

The May issue of Up Here magazine from Yellowknife, NWT, contains the results of the North Poll -- a compilation of Canadians' knowledge of the north that is by turns hilarious and downright embarrassing. What it found, among other things, according to a release published by Sun Media was that
  • 69% of Canadians believe northerners live in igloos, while 38% didn't know the term Inuit has replaced Eskimo;  
  • 28% of those surveyed said penguins live in the Arctic, while 46% said they were unsure, meaning just 25% of Canadians know it's not true.
"We came up with the North Poll to get a sense (of) how widespread the misconceptions really were," said editor Katherine Sandiford. "The results only confirm our suspicions. They were shameful."

See how you do with the poll.


Blogger Christopher Moore said...

I just took the quiz at your link. Lots of tough questions, and some misleading ones (How do you answer "Which territory is part of the Klondike?). But the poll results completely disagree with the claims of the news release you quote. Almost no one is fooled by the penguins question, no one chose "igloos." The press release looks like it was invented for the sensation.

9:04 am  

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