Sunday, May 08, 2011

Saltscapes, Atlantic Business and Progress winners in Atlantic Journalism Awards

Best cover winner
Saltscapes magazine and Atlantic Business were multiple winners in the Atlantic Journalism Awards which were presented on Saturday in Halifax, Nova Scotia and winners in the magazine-related categories were as follows:
  • Alec Bruce won gold for best Atlantic magazine article for "Dream Weaver" in Atlantic Business; silver winners were both from Saltscapes magazine -- Heather White (the magazine's editor) for "Country Roads" and John Sylvester for "Torngat Safari"
  • Best magazine cover award went to Progress Magazine of Halifax for its June 2010 "The People" issue; silver finalists were Dalhousie Magazine of Halifax for its Fall 2010 "Designing a Sustainable Seaport Market" and "Gannets", the March/April 2010 issue of Saltscapes
  •  In the commentary category, Alec Bruce won for Atlantic Business for the article "Wising Up to our Energy Future"; Dawn Chafe (the editor of Atlantic Business) won silver for "Time to Fish or Cut Bait"
  • Suzanne Robichaud won silver in the feature writing - print category for her article "The Newfoundland Pony" in Saltscapes
  • Best magazine profile was won by Sandra Phinney for "Only in Pubnico" in Saltscapes; silver finalists were both from Halifax Magazine -- Chad Lucas for "Across the Sea" and JohnJon Tattrie for "That Far Shore"
A release on all the winners and finalists



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Thanks for the mention of Halifax Magazine. Just a small correction: Mr. Tattrie's first name is "Jon".

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