Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sharon McAuley takes a sabbatical from being Toronto Life publisher

The vice-president and group publisher of the urban group at St. Joseph Media, responsible for Toronto Life, Ottawa magazine and the Where publications is taking a breather. Sharon McAuley has been in the demanding job for 6 year and is taking a year's sabbatical, effective May 25th.
Staff at St. Joe's were told in an internal memorandum from president Doug Knight that he regretted her decision:
"In celebration of her 25th year in the magazine industry (is that possible?) Sharon has decided to take a sabbatical year to travel, study, write and plan her next 25 years.
"For the past six years Sharon has been the publisher of Toronto Life, as well as the group publisher for Where Canada, Ottawa Magazine and Quill & Quire.  Since assuming the role in 2005, Sharon has guided her team through a period of tremendous change — from the ups and downs in the economy to the tremendous expansion of our digital offerings.  Through it all, Sharon has proven herself to be a strong leader and a tireless steward of the brands in her portfolio. She will be missed."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word has it that Jessica Rose is on her way out as well.

5:01 pm  
Anonymous Todd Latham said...

I guess you could have reported that Sharon is taking leave from Toronto Life to be publisher of "Sharon Life". :)

25 years... wow.. congrats on the decision, Sharon - enjoy the time.

7:30 pm  

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