Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cardholders will access full digital magazines at their local branch library

If you think the digital tsunami is sweeping over magazine publishers, consider the way the wave is affecting public libraries. A story on Folio: reports on a new partnership between Zinio (which works with Magazines Canada already on delivering digital issues of members magazines) and Recorded Books (a leading publisher of audiobooks) that will grant library visitors access to digital magazines with the use of their library card. 
Zinio announced today its partnership with Recorded Books, making thousands of digital magazines accessible in public libraries throughout the US, Canada, Australia and UK.
“People love going to their public library to read a large selection of magazines, but printed copies can easily get damaged, lost or destroyed,” said Rich Freese, president and CEO, Recorded Books.
Library patrons can browse Zinio’s page-for-page platform of popular titles like Consumer Reports, Car & Driver, Good Housekeeping, The Economist, ESPN Magazine and Esquire.
Functional on both Mac and PC operating systems, Zinio for Libraries will feature tools that include key word article search and interactive elements such as audio and video.
Recorded Books will launch the program at the American Libraries Association conference in New Orleans, which is being held June 24 through June 27.

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Anonymous Joe Clark said...

Zinio does not “work with Magazines Canada.” Magazines Canada took Ontario provincial grant funding and handed it to an American company that does nothing but “publish” PDFs of print magazines and call them electronic.

Your tax dollars, as they say, at work.

3:34 pm  

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