Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Magazine finds women write most stories, but men get quoted more

I wonder how many magazines take the time or care to tally up how they are doing in reflecting the breadth and depth of their audience? This Magazine's Hilary Beaumont took on the periodic task of totting up the bylines and locations of stories and the gender of the authors and the sources they referred to. 
Not surprisingly, this lefty magazine found it was a bit Toronto-centric but, as befits a magazine with a male editor and female publisher, its bylines are reasonably egalitarian: 53% of bylines over the past year were female. However the research found that only 28% of sources/quotees were female and male writers were less likely to quote female sources, which Beaumont attributes to the disparity of women in positions of authority. 
The magazine makes the spreadsheet of its counts available.
[Disclosure: the editor is my son]

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