Monday, July 04, 2011

Plays well with others -- The New Quarterly and ARC Poetry publish joint double issue

[This post has been updated]
ARC Poetry and The New Quarterly have collaborated on a joint special double issue this summer. The "Quarc Issue" is presented in flipbook style and is literally two magazines in one.
"This special double issue...presents scientists and artists alike with a unique opportunity to observe what happens when two solid, award-winning magazines smash into each other like a pair of star-crossed atoms—and the charm and magic that live at the intersection of the arts and sciences."
There are two, full-colour art features and contributions from Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Christian Bök, Don McKay, Joan Thomas and others.
The venture is also an opportunity to promote subscriptions and people who subscribe to both magazines for $42 receive a 38% discount.
[Update: As made clear from the first comment below, if you want to order a single copy, you need to do so by July 10; because of its size, it is being shipped by parcel post.]

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Anonymous Melissa said...

Because the issue is so large (parcel rate for Canada Post), single issues will be mailed to people who pre-order at by July 10, since parcel rate postage is obscenely expensive.
After July 10, you can receive the issue by subscribing or attending a QuArc event.

12:43 pm  

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